Branda’s mission is to make brand protection accessible and affordable for small businesses, so they can focus on growing their business and not worry about the legal hassle.

We are Branda. 100% female-led vc-backed startup founded by two women that experienced first-hand how small and medium-sized business (SMBs) owners are struggling to properly manage their brand protection and reputation matters. After talking to tons of business owners, they discovered that most SMBs do not have the resources to properly protect their brand, and that was just not okay. 

This is why we’ve created Branda, an AI-based smart brand protection platform that includes every single aspect of brand protection: 

– TM clearance & registration;

– TM maintenance & licenses management; 

– TM monitoring & enforcement of rights. 

– And much more!

With Branda, you can easily register their trademark and keep track of your portfolio. We will monitor the market in order to detect brand abuse and arm you with automated enforcement tools, protecting your brand while avoiding costly legal battles.